Free bbw chat rooms no sign up Lee Academy boys girls attend team camps Clarksdale Press Register SportsLee Academy boys girls attend team campsAnna Byrd center drives to the basket for Lee Academy last season. The Fillies are preparing for 201819. Posted Thursday June 21 2018 114 pm Updated 117 pm Thu Jun 21 2018. With many changes in store for the Lee Academy boys and girls basketball teams in the upcoming school year coach Michael Peckham took his athletes to a series of camps in an effort to prepare them.The Fillies went to went to Columbus Christian Academy recently where 31 teams participated. There was a combination of public private and independent schools at the camp. kAmxE H2D 2 85 42A 6492 D25 xE 96AD FD 6 92G6 2 G6CJ JF8 E62 6 92G6 6 D6C E92ED 96C6 G2CDEJ 8CD xED 2 AACEFEJ 7C FD E 62C 6249 E96C 2 EE6 3E 36EE6C A2J D6 36EE6C 4A6EEkAm kAm96 u6D H h 7 e 826DkAm kAm6 7 E96 EF896DE E62D 6492 D25 9D E62 A2J65 H2D rF3FD r9CDE2 H949 E96 u6D 72465 2E E96 u65tI uCF 6A9D 2DE D62D 66 2D A2J65 2CG6 p4256J 66 WpCX 25 w63CkAm kAm6 925 2 AACEFEJ E A2J D6 E62D E92E H6C6 G6CJ 2E96E4 6492 D25 Poor needs considerable improvement Each school should score a minimum of two Star rating in each of the Subcategories in order to be eligible for any award. The awards are categorised at the District Level StateUT Level and National Level i District level Awards Open to All five star four star and three star rated Schools Online web mobile applications received before the cutoff date will be screened by a District levelCommittee headed by the District Collector or herhis appointee and comprising of District Educationofficer three eminent school teachers Superintendent Engineer Water supply PHD District HealthOfficer and two members from civil society organizationsNGOs. RURAL a Three Elementary and Three Secondary schools having the highest overall score with rating not belowthree Star will be selected for the District level Award Total 6b In addition six schools three elementary and three secondary having the highest score in each of theSub Categories with rating not below five star in the sub category will be selected for subcategorywise awards at the district levelTotal 30 URBAN a Two schools one elementary and one secondaryhaving the highest overall score with rating notbelow three Star will be selected for the District level Award Total 2b In addition two schoolsone elementary and one secondary having the highest score in each of theSub Categories with rating not below five star in the subcategory will be selected for subcategoryaward at the district level Total 10. The district level committee may get a ph

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